WISE Inside

Talent Acquisition Strategist

(for the communication industry only)

You are in a panic worrying about the amount of work on the horizon and the shortage of staff to complete it. Your reputation of superior quality is on the line. You desperately need to expand your team but have no time to look and hire the perfect candidates.

WISECHAPTER3 can quickly make your live easier.

As a lifelong Clevelander, communication expert and entrepreneur, Tammy’s connections are deep. And, she is eager to use them to find the right talent for your business. Tammy’s 11 years as a successful business owner and her strong background in sales and marketing makes her a natural for building the talent pipeline and finding the perfect match.

Services include:
  • Write job description(s)
  • Push out job description on free or paid job boards, according to your budget
  • Screen, review and interview qualified candidates
  • Recommend ongoing process for building the talent pipeline
  • Recommend ongoing systems (tools) for building the talent pipeline
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