WISE Inside—Interim Marketing Director

You are ready to lose your mind. Marketing has taken on a life of its own without anyone in your company owning or understanding it. You’ve been reactive instead or proactive, operating and spending money without a plan.

The time has come to seriously think about hiring a marketing director. But you wonder: do I need someone full-time? What skill set am I looking for? Where do I begin: strategy or social media?

By hiring WISECHAPTER3, we lift the marketing burden off your shoulders (making your life easier) by developing and executing strategies, structure and systems for a sustainable marketing department. We can step in at any marketing stage to evaluate, develop, implement, review and measure marketing initiatives. We do this by taking ownership of marketing, reviewing current activities, working closely with sales and vendors and determining needs and priority.

How it works:

You determine timeframe weekly hours and length of WISECHAPTER3’s involvement based on need and budget. Services we provide include:

Project manager:
  • Create timelines
  • Assign responsibilities with deadlines
  • Work within your budget
  • Work closely with all marketing vendors
  • Review, discuss and negotiate all vendor agreements.
  • Communicate, communicate and communicate to manage expectations and make sure we are all on the same page
Marketing and sales advisor:
  • Develop an overall marketing plan that aligns with the company vision and goals, or implement existing strategies and tactics.
  • Meet with key management to clearly understand audiences, competition, goals, vision, uniqueness etc.
  • Create a speakers proposal and look for speaking opportunities.
  • Identify networking opportunities.
  • Review all current sales material for consistent messaging, voice and audience relevance.
  • Provide marketing and sales ideas.
  • Watch your back.

What you get:

An on-site marketing and sales entrepreneur (Tammy) who understands the challenges and rewards of running a business. Her team of strategic partners from photographer to content strategist to SEO expert is on hand to help implement projects on an as needed basis.

Plus, when the time is right, we’ll help you recruit, interview and hire the ideal permanent marketing candidate – one that meets your required skills and company culture.

What you can expect:

Projects completed with efficiency and purpose.

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