Capture Your Story

Don’t go down with the elevator speech. Rise up with a story.

Every business has a story

Forget the 20-second elevator speech. Few people will even remember what was said after you exit those proverbial elevator doors. What should many business leaders have instead but most don’t? Top-of-mind stories to illustrate the what, how and why someone has benefitted from working with you and your business.

WISECHAPTER3 helps you identify and share three compelling stories in a crisp and geniune message that resonates with your audience. Be MEMORABLE first and last.

Here’s how we guide you

Our five-step approach takes you from connecting the drivers of your business to what your audience wants and ultimately giving voice to well-practiced stories that easily illustrate those connections.

Step 1

Uncover trigger drivers for your audience. This step identifies the key emotions or topics that will best resonate with your audience.

Step 2

Determine the questions that trigger the emotional connection with your audience.

Step 3

Connect numbers or facts (hard data) to your successes.

Step 4

Flip it … start with results.

Step 5

Practice, practice and practice

What you get.

The ability to communicate your business accomplishments in ways you never thought. You’ll be eager to share your new stories and excited to connect with prospects and referral partners.

“Tammy was able to quickly identify our stories and provided a clear and purposeful summary chart. Today, we are much better off in communicating our message than we were before we hired WISECHAPTER3. And, she made the process fun!”

Jack Cohan, president
PJTech Staffing

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