The Common Sense Program

Eliminate the feast or famine sales cycle.

If you are like most business owners, your plate is full with the day-to-day operations and seizing sales opportunities are missed due to lack of time and marketing strategy. You most likely know the actions you need to take to move your company in the right direction (hence the common sense). What you don’t have is a fresh perspective and the right person asking the right questions to determine a strategic sales and marketing action plan.

Let the Common Sense Program help you get to your next chapter—with strategy, structures and systems.

How it works

The Common Sense Program helps you fuel what matters most: a sales pipeline, online leads and relationships. We assess three engines called:

  1. Outbound Sales – Your message goes to your audience.
  2. Inbound Marketing – Your audience finds you.
  3. In-person Connections – You go to your audience.

The program identifies and recommends ways for these three engines to work together creating optimal efficiency for reaching your audiences.


Marketing Engines


Step 1 – Ask questions. Where are you going (goals)? And where do you want to be in (vision)? What does your competition look and act like? How are you unique…your “why” ? etc.

Step 2 – Identify audience groups. What do they look and act like? Which audience group has the biggest growth potential and why?

Step 3 – Assess engines.

You benefit by receiving
  • Purposeful strategies and tactics to reach your clearly defined audience.
  • Goals sheets for reaching your goals.
  • A six-month, comprehensive and customized action plan.
What you can expect

To get unstuck and grow deliberately.

Contact Tammy today to learn more about how WISECHAPTER3 can help you lead your business to that next level!

“We appreciate Tammy being so resolute in getting us to the next level. There’s no doubt her Common Sense program she is helping us build will pay off. We’re fortunate to have Tammy as a partner.”

Mark Nead, Partner, co-founder
Boondock Walker

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