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December 4, 2013

Say it with an infographic

Infographics are far from new. Cave paintings were the first. A visual presentation of information, data and knowledge, infographics happen to be a favorite of mine for telling a story. Read more

December 6, 2012

Make it memorable…3 tips

Breaking through messaging clutter becomes more and more of a challenge in today’s society. It is easy to make a splash if you are Lady Gaga wearing a meat dress or Chick-fil-A’s, Dan Cathy and his controversial statement about gay marriages. But what if you aren’t a famous CEO or singer? These three ways show how to break through all the clutter and get noticed. Read more

December 5, 2012

Every name counts … when did you last vet your database?

One of your company’s most valuable assets is its database. With the New Year quickly approaching and business activity slowing down for the holidays isn’t now a good time to visit your database and clean it up? Read more

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