coach with clipboard talks to players

The start of a new year is often the time to re-evaluate your organizational methods. With a million and one apps on our phones and tablets to keep life in check—I present to you a different mode of organization: the clipboard.

The clipboard is my go-to organizing tool of choice. In fact, I’ve been sporting the clipboard for as long as I can remember; long-before Michael Keaton made the line “A clipboard and a confident wave will get you into anywhere.” famous in the movie The Paper. Hardly a day goes by that the clipboard is not by my side.

You see, the clipboard is more than just a place to store important papers. Like Keaton alluded to: it conveys authority and that you are in charge. At times, it also provides a piece of security. It’s something to lean on, write on or reference when you need a moment to think. Watch most sporting events, and chances are the coach or manager has a clipboard in-hand. The person who carries the clipboard is the one who has a plan.

I’d love to hear from all those clipboard users out there. Have you moved on from the clipboard? If so, what’s your favorite organizational or business tool?

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