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Tell a story and identify your company’s differentiator

If your business has few or no competitors, finding your differentiator is easy. But if you’re like most businesses, you have at least a handful or perhaps tons of competitors. Uncovering what makes your organization unique can be a struggle…sometimes it takes years. Read more

What do tennis and marketing have in common?

If you’d asked me that question 12 months ago, I would have said: not much. Then last summer I joined a competitive tennis league for the first time. I had a USTA (United States Tennis Association) card, a date for … Read more


What TWO WORDS will make you stick?

Who would have thought saying two simple words could give you a competitive edge in business? “Thank you” can separate you from the crowd. Read more


Why being obsessed with Millennials is smart for business.

The other night, over dinner with my husband, I was sharing what I considered, an interesting fact about Millennials. Or, I should say: “another” interesting fact. When it comes to Millennials – their attitudes, passions, lifestyles, curiosity, you name it … Read more

Without Moe, where would Larry and Curly be?

Did you know that people naturally tend to think and act in multiples of three? Read more

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