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Can’t have a Super Bowl without a clipboard.

The start of a new year is often the time to re-evaluate your organizational methods. With a million and one apps on our phones and tablets to keep life in check—I present to you a different mode of organization: the … Read more


Every name counts … when did you last vet your database?

One of your company’s most valuable assets is its database. With the New Year quickly approaching and business activity slowing down for the holidays isn’t now a good time to visit your database and clean it up? Read more

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It’s all about rebooting

How many times has something gone wrong with your computer, tablet or mobile phone and your response to the problem is to shut down and reboot the device? Recently, I discovered, that simple solution works for human beings as well. Read more

Make it memorable…3 tips

Breaking through messaging clutter becomes more and more of a challenge in today’s society. It is easy to make a splash if you are Lady Gaga wearing a meat dress or Chick-fil-A’s, Dan Cathy and his controversial statement about gay marriages. But what if you aren’t a famous CEO or singer? These three ways show how to break through all the clutter and get noticed. Read more

Making last, FIRST

Recently, I spoke at COSE’s Small Business Convention, my assigned time was the last session on the last day of a two-day conference. My challenge&ellip;how was I going to grab people’s attention and get them to my session? Read more

Marketing TripTik: Why Every Company Needs One

If you ever took a family vacation before the advent of smartphones or Mapquest – chances are you encountered a TripTik from AAA. I recently got reacquainted with TripTiks when my daughter and I were planning a college visit road … Read more


Right or left brain thinker

Does it make a difference when it comes to Superbowl ads? Whether you’re a Seahawks fan or a Patriots diehard, this year’s Super Bowl was as much about the commercials as it was the game. And with $4.5 million the … Read more


Say it with an infographic

Infographics are far from new. Cave paintings were the first. A visual presentation of information, data and knowledge, infographics happen to be a favorite of mine for telling a story. Read more

Skip the network breakfast and go for a NetWalk

With Fall around the corner, I’m inspired to take a new approach to networking…instead of grabbing a cup of Joe or beer I’m suggesting networkers grab a walk and talk. Read more

Stop! Do not purchase marketing automation software until these 6 critical elements are in place.

Marketing automation helps thousands of companies grow their business everyday by increasing online sales leads. According to Hubspot, their users can expect a two-year lead growth of 5.72X. Marketo notes that it’s successful helping companies with lead generation. Pardot claims … Read more