Tammy Wise

After 11 successful years as owner and president of a boutique communication and publishing firm (Chapter 1), Tammy Wise sold the business (Chapter 2) to a national marketing company. With the first two chapters complete, Tammy recognized from experience (hers and her clients) the need for a practical program to help business owners deliberately strategize, structure and implement successful sales and marketing programs. WISECHAPTER3 was born.

Aside from her fondness for hot dogs, Cleveland Indians and anything fair trade, Tammy’s true passion is helping entrepreneurs grow their businesses. Her anything-is-possible attitude and quality-driven desire to perform beyond her clients’ expectations have given her the reputation as a trustworthy and big-picture partner. Her long-term clients and employees stand in testament to that drive for excellence and strong belief in relationship building.

Tammy’s view from both sides of the executive desk provides a unique perspective that expands her strategic and creative thinking on issues and opportunities.

“Under promise and over deliver,” “manage expectations” and “push yourself outside your comfort zone” are Tammy’s guiding principles for leadership.

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