Make it memorable…3 tips

Breaking through messaging clutter becomes more and more of a challenge in today’s society. It is easy to make a splash if you are Lady Gaga wearing a meat dress or Chick-fil-A’s, Dan Cathy and his controversial statement about gay marriages. But what if you aren’t a famous CEO or singer? These three ways show how to break through all the clutter and get noticed.

1. Establish a brand color. Wear it all the time.

My friend Joe Pulizzi, founder and president of Content Marketing Institute is all about the color orange. Joe’s brand color is so strong that when I received an orange business card holder upon opening a PNC bank account, I thought of Joe. That made me think of his company…Content Marketing Institute. The last time I spoke with Joe was more than 9 months ago…but there he was top of mind, all because I received an orange business card holder.

Joe Pulizzi

2. Claim an uncommon holiday.

We thought we were clever by mailing Thanksgiving cards instead of the typical year-end holiday card to our clients, vendors and friends. When Thanksgiving cards became the norm we new it was time to find a new holiday. Groundhog’s Day became our official holiday at Wise Group Communications. For six years, clients, vendors and friends received our Cleveland centric Groundhog’s Day card. One year we celebrated the holiday not only with a card but a Groundhog Day theme office party.

Some clients’ kept the Groundhog Day card posted to their wall for an entire year. One client wrote to say she no longer thinks of Bill Murray on Groundhog’s Day, instead she thinks of us. And just last month, (true story) I ran into a friend who out of blue said to me…you know, I always loved your Groundhog Day card. The last Groundhog Day card was sent on February 2, 2011.

  • Belly Laugh Day is Thursday, January 24,
  • Flag Day, June 14 never seemed to draw proper attention,
  • Arbor Day on April 26 hardly gets any respect and while not an official holiday…who doesn’t love the beginning of daylight saving time which occurs on March 10, 2013

Get creative, have a little fun and find an uncommon holiday to claim!

3. Get noticed with your business card.

The business card arrived on the scene in the 17th century and was used by prosperous or aristocratic Europeans to announce their impending arrival. Today, the importance of business cards can be easily overlooked due to its relatively short shelf life and the digital age. But do not get fooled by the digital age and ignore your business card…it is one of the most powerful ways to state your brand and create a positive experience.

In just a matter of seconds you can make a bold, creative and lasting impression from your business card.

Below are a few links to some clever business cards. I especially love the simplicity of Jim Profit’s card for his homemade furniture company and a fitness trainer’s card for its humor.

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