WISECHAPTER3 helps entrepreneurs shift their companies to deliberate growth with strategically driven sales, marketing and talent-development programs. The result is a customized and practical plan geared to grow your company.

Sales and Marketing Services

Common Sense

Common Sense

Proactively grow your business the WISE way with our Common Sense Program. We help you enhance your sales pipeline, generate online leads and fuel relationships through straightforward assessment and a practical action plan.

Sustainable Sales

The client was frustrated with several years of stagnant sales and eager to move forward with a growth plan that would create sustainable sales and marketing. Through our sales and marketing assessment, WISECHAPTER3 helped the client identify its growth audience and created a solid and executable plan. Read more

Wise Inside

WISE Inside

When it’s time to dial up your marketing and sales efforts, we can serve as your interim marketing director or help you scout out the talent needed to prepare your company for what’s next.

Getting It Done

Marketing had been on the back burner for over a year. WISECHAPTER3’s interim marketing service was called in to manage and execute critical brand and marketing projects. This left valuable time for the client to focus on big picture strategy and building the sales pipeline. Read more

Right Talent

The client was paralyzed, couldn’t get out of the weeds or move forward without a production manager. Within two months of teaming with WISECHAPTER3 they hired a a candidate who is the client’s superstar—running the show and moving projects forward on time and on budget. Read more



Expand the mind, explore the outdoors and meet bright and talented people in this region. Join us at 8 a.m. Wednesdays and grow your professional network while exercising the mind and body.

Walk and Talk

“The ideas kept on flowing during our netwalk.”
—Barb Cagley, founder Stories Worth Retelling

“The fresh air, interesting path and engaging conversation made it a delightful and productive experience.”
—Ryan White, founder and managing partner of INSIGHT2PROFIT

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